Welcome to the sweet journey of Ahmani's Cookie Company, born from passion and skill in February 2019. Under the guidance of my father and the inspiration from renowned pastry chefs, I've honed my craft in baking. My forte lies in creating an array of indulgences - from scrumptious cookies to delectable cakes and cheesecakes. A special mention must go to our Vegan Cookie range, crafted with the same love and care.

Our pride is the LEVIATHAN Series – a unique cookie experience that promises, "One bite and you're alright." As of November 2023, you can savor these delights at 16 retail locations or enjoy the convenience of online ordering. Find our cookies at these select venues:

  • BermudAir - Fresh Cookies Fly Daily
  • Boaz Island RUBiS
  • E.R Fisheries
  • Champs Dudonald Street
  • Damina's @ Warwick Lanes
  • Flame Restaurant
  • Fire & Slice: Pizzeria and Restaurant
  • Fresh Limited.
  • Lindo's - Devonshire
  • Lindo's - Warwick
  • Red Carpet Restaurant
  • Seaside Grill
  • Terceira's - Northshore, Warwick, and Eastbroadway
  • Willowbank Dining Room

I'm proud to share that I'm on the Autism Spectrum, embodying unique strengths that infuse my baking with creativity and precision. Thank you for visiting my website and for spreading the joy that comes from a treat crafted at Ahmani's. We believe in celebrating the special in everyone, one cookie at a time.